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Sadly we have had to make the decision to close Salloos Restaurant and Salloos Express delivery Service during this difficult period. We look forward to welcoming you back to Salloos soon and shall keep you informed on our website.


As of Saturday 21 March 2020 Salloos Dining Hall is closed. However, in this current unsettling environment, Salloos Mughalai cuisine is still available to our customers as Take-Away. Your choice: fine dining at home.

Opening Hours for SALLOOS EXPRESS service:
Monday – Saturday 4pm – 9pm
Delivery is free of charge within a three mile radius of Salloos.

Government hygiene guidance on staying safe from COVID-19 is strictly adhered to.

Payment by card will secure a "contactless" delivery. You will be advised by voice or text when the Take-Away is outside your door. Collect and enjoy!

Salloos Restaurant, established in the heart of Belgravia since 1976, originally opened in Lahore in 1966, is foremost amongst Pakistani and Indian restaurants in London. Beautifully situated in Knightsbridge Village, close to the Berkeley Hotel and just down the road from Harrods.

Salloos is known for offering traditional Mughalai cuisine in contemporary classic surroundings. It is a family owned restaurant, where you will often be personally greeted by the owners. The setting is comfortable and elegant, providing a relaxed ambiance that aims to make you feel special. The aromas are tempting and promise a mouth watering and delicious fare.

The Menu at Salloos is authentically Pakistani and in keeping with the Mughal`s style of cooking. The Mughal Kings ruled the Subcontinent immediately prior to the British. The cuisine is the product of a wonderful synthesis of spices found in the Subcontinent together with Persian and Arabian influences. Spices can be fragrant like saffron, coriander, mint, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Spices can be strong like garlic and ginger, or hot like chilli and paprika. The colourful list of spices can be combined in endless ways. This complexity results in the startling individuality of each dish.

The first course generally consists of tender lamb or chicken, subtly spiced and cooked in the searing heat of the charcoal fired oven known as the Tandoor, served with freshly baked Nan bread.

The main course, a Salloos signature dish, that keeps both customers and reviewers returning time and again, are the Tandoori Chops, (tender lamb chops marinated in herbs and spices cooked in the Tandoor). Another popular signature dish is Chicken Karahi (a speciality from the Khyber: diced and de boned chicken, cooked with spices, tomatoes, chopped ginger, coriander and green chillies, served straight from the fire in an iron wok). Nargisi Kofta (hard boiled eggs, coated with finely ground cooked lamb pate, draped in gravy) is named after the Narcissus flower due to the yellow yolk and the surrounding white of the egg. Gosht Khara Masala is lamb cooked with whole fragrant spices and julienne ginger.

Vegetarians too are spoilt for choice. Select from delicate Okra to smooth Daal (Lentils), from sweet Aubergine to crisp Vegetable Kebabs, or softly simmering Chickpeas. Each dish unique and prepared to perfection.

Salloos offers a range of traditional desserts. Halwa, a warm crumbly carrot pudding sprinkled with almonds. Kulfi, a Pakistani ice cream. These two may be served in a quite delicious combination of hot and cold, a Salloos signature dessert. The evening is ended with a perfect espresso and a selection of liquors.

Traditional Mughalai food in contemporary classic surroundings.

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